The river near to my house is called Sheepscott, the colors change dramatically as the seasons change.  I am always inspired by it.
When I work with the clay it is with intent, I love to draw and imagine form.
Thrown and Altered bowls
Lupines in the early morning
New thrown pots
Fields of buttercups and lupines
Buckets of glazes fill shelves and spaces under tables.  I use many different glazes on every pot.
My glaze start as powered chemicals, may recognizable from the periodic table.  From there they are carefully weighed and measured according to various glaze recipes. Then I add water to make the glaze
This is the electric kiln that make of my work is fired in.
Forms and color being worked out in my notebook
Ideas for texture and color can come from landscapes or simply items within the landscape
A painting of the Sheepscott River
A form I call serving boat, inspired by by a boat and glazed like the coast
Wall of ideas drawings, painting and sample glaze tiles.
Lots of pots drying
The slab roller is one of the many tools I use to create my forms
Inspired by fields of buttercups and lupines this platter emerged
My beautiful studio
Me working on the wheel
Teapot just made and drying.
I love my commute!
Process of Becoming 


Useful and colorful porcelain pottery inspired by the coast of Maine, landscapes and changing seasons.