About Me

I am a full-time studio potter and ceramic instructor living on the coast of Maine.

I grew up in a Italian American family in a town just far enough south of Boston to still have farms and a short enough commute to Boston to attend the art museums often.  My fondest memories are at the dinner table surrounded by extended family members and delicious food.  I am sure this has had a profound influence on my desire to make functional objects.  

After high school I moved to Maine to attend Maine College of Art in Portland where I earned a BFA in ceramics.  Maine is also where I discovered true natural beauty from the varied beaches to the rugged mountains, I love it all.  

I eventually moved to Mid-Coast Maine and worked as a production potter for 18 years.  During that time I returned to school to complete a post-graduate certification in education.  I have worked as an art teacher in grades K-12.

I have a cozy-studio nestled in amongst tall pines, I enjoy my morning commute which consist of 20 short steps from my house.  There I find the solitude to create and joy in self-expression.  I also welcome visitors for lessons, shopping or just a friendly chat.  
118 West Old County Rd. Newcastle, ME 04553    (207) 380-2219