Artist Statement

​Natural beauty surrounds me in my home in Maine. My inspirations for color and form stems from this visual feast. Abstractions of seascapes, vernal pools, mountains and fields of wildflowers are reflected upon my pots. I collect images from real places through drawing, painting and photographing as I explore the environs of my home. Later these memories become part of my work and find a comfortable place within my pottery.  

Using soft, translucent, porcelain clay and slip, I first throw on the pottery wheel and then altered my pieces, forming less predictable and more fluid forms. I finish my pieces with multiple, overlapping layers of glaze. The effects of my glazing technique create an illusory depth of light and color reflective of landscapes. My forms, soft and fluid suggest the ever shifting land and sea. It is my goal and greatest hopes that while my work is unique in form and use of color that it remains useful and will become a well loves member of the home in which it resides.  

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Liz Proffetty
118 West Old County Rd Newcastle, ME 04553 207 586-5117
Useful and colorful porcelain pottery inspired by the coast of Maine, landscapes and changing seasons.